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Photo of Portrait Artist Mary Duffy in her garden

Creating art for you to treasure

In my art, I want to create something that is meaningful to you.

My portraits are about connections - the feeling you get when you look at your picture.  If it's personal to you, it will make you feel something.

As a child I drew constantly...and it was always portraits.

I used to wait for someone to get comfortable in front of the TV, usually my dad after a long day at work.

As he'd fall asleep in the armchair, I'd draw him quickly on whatever paper I could find, even the back of an envelope.

I got so that I could get a likeness in my early teens and then I was hooked on the magic of portrait art.

Hear how I create heirlooms of the future...

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I've been a professional portrait artist since graduating from the National College of Art and Design in 1994.

Living in Meath now, I feel connected to the community through my work - marking your milestones with portraits and drawings that are unique to you.

The pictures that you hang in your home should tell your story and mean something to you.

I hope I can help you create that meaning through my work.

If you have an idea for a picture, please get in touch at

or call/text me on 087 8117331

and I'll help create something meaningful for you.

Interview on LMfm Mary Duffy Portraits
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In April 2022, my exhibition Portraits of Integration was featured in the Meath Chronicle. 

It was opened by Minister Helen McEntee and the portraits celebrated the achievements of three people who made Ireland their home.

You can read about it here.

In November 2020, the Meath Chronicle did a feature on my art business describing how I was 'Creating Cherished Keepsakes for Loved Ones Abroad'. You can read it here.

Podcast on Near fm Mary Duffy Portraits
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Thanks to MIAN Photography and Training for images of me and my work throughout the website.

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