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Hand Portraits

daddy and baby hand by mary duffy portraits.jpg

Custom drawing of hands

A father's hand, strong and reassuring, cradles the delicate fingers of his newborn baby.

The lines are drawn with a tenderness that reflects the deep bond between parent and child.

(Drawn from the customers own photo)

Custom Pencil Drawing on A3 cartridge paper - From €250

holding hands madeline_edited.jpg

Custom Hand Portrait

A heartfelt hand-drawn portrayal of holding hands in the final moments conveys the deep emotional connection and compassion during this profound time of saying goodbye.

Hand portraits - from €250

Custom Hand Portrait

This touching portrait captures the enduring bond between a grandparent and child as they hold hands, creating a cherished keepsake that symbolises the timeless connection and love they share.

Custom Hand Portraits - from €250

grandfather and childs hands mary duffy portraits.jpg
Always with you in frame MaryDuffyPortraits.jpeg

Always With You - limited edition print

Capturing the poignant connection of holding hands in those final moments.

A lasting tribute to the love and emotions shared during this profound time.

This is available as a limited edition print in the Print Shop.

Limited Edition Print - €95

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