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Portrait Price List

Whether you're looking for a simple portrait sketch or a watercolour portrait from a photo, you'll find all the prices below with an example of each portrait type.

pencil portrait of cute baby wearing a flat cap

Child Portrait - €275

Capture a moment in time in your child's life with a portrait from your favourite photo.

pencil portrait of an elderly woman smiling

Individual Portrait - €275

A simple photo can be transformed into a work of art to be treasured.

Type 1 - Individual Portrait - €275

Graphite pencil sketch of a wedding couple embracing

Couple Portrait - €549

A portrait of you and your partner that transcends time.

This is a beautiful gift for a wedding or a special anniversary.

Pencil portrait of a engaged couple with her ringed hand on his chest

Couple Portrait - €549

Separate photos of each person can be used if necessary for this couple drawing.

Each portrait gets my individual attention and the two subjects are arranged harmoniously in one picture.

Type 2 - Couple Portrait - €549

Portrait of a group of grandchildren

Family Portrait (up to four people) - €990

Bringing all the grandchildren together is not always possible,  but this portrait brings three families into one portrait. This portrait instantly became a treasured family heirloom. 

pencil portrait of three young women on their wedding day

Family Portrait (up to four people) - €990

These three sisters were reunited in this family portrait which was created from separate photos.

For family groups that are a bit different contact me for a quote here.

Type 3 - Family Portrait (up to four people) - €990

Watercolour portrait of elderly lady smiling warmly

Watercolour Portrait - €495

A watercolour portrait can turn a photo into a family heirloom to be treasured.

When you commission a portrait of someone who has passed, it creates an eternal connection.

Watercolour portrait of young woman with Polish flag and books

Watercolour Portrait - €495

A watercolour portrait can be a way to celebrate someone's achievements and is a beautiful gift to celebrate a college graduation.

Type 4 - Watercolour Portrait - €495

Type 5 - Pet Portrait - €220

Pencil portrait of springer spaniel Molly with a red ball

Pet Portrait - €220

A hand-drawn dog portrait will be a constant reminder of your loyal companion.

Show your love for your dog with a custom portrait drawn from your favourite photo.

Contact me

Every portrait commission is unique so you may not find the type of portrait you're looking for in this Portrait Price List.

Whatever you have in mind, you can call me on 087 8117331 to chat about it or you can send me a message here and I'll be happy to help you create the perfect gift.

Visit the blog The hassle-free way to commission a portrait here to find out how simple the process is.

You might find some of the answers to your questions on the Frequently Asked Questions page here.

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