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Pet Portraits

Explore the gallery of pet portraits where the essence of your faithful friend emerges in a sensitive pencil drawing, crafted with care.


Lady - Golden Retriever

'Thank you so much for the beautiful portrait of our much loved Golden Retriever "Lady"

Mary, you caught her expression and eyes perfectly.  All my family will treasure it forever including Lady who looks at it bemused.'

Dog Pencil Drawing on A3 cartridge paper - €220


German Shepherd

'My sister is thrilled with this beautiful portrait of her dog that she misses so much.  It's hung in pride of place in her home as a reminder of her faithful friend.'

Watercolour dog portrait - €495

Two dogs portrait maryduffyportraits.jpe

Two Dogs Portraits

Sometimes you want to see how much your pup has grown. Or maybe you have two dogs who are inseparable.

Enjoy the two portraits in one picture with a double dog portrait.

Pencil on A3/A2 cartridge paper 


Moggy - Cat portrait

'Oh Mary, that's gorgeous! You got him perfectly, especially that giant tail. You are so skilled.

Thank you so much!'

Charcoal on A3 tinted paper - €220


Bella - Watercolour Portrait

A hand-painted dog portrait will be a constant reminder of your loyal companion.

Show your love for your dog with a custom portrait drawn from your favourite photo.

Thanks to Bella for posing so nicely for her portrait!

Watercolour Pet Portrait - €495

Dog and owner portrait.jpg

A Portrait with your Dog

A double portrait for the one who loves their dog so much that they can't imagine life without them.

A beautiful gift for someone whose dog means the world to them.

Portraits can be taken from two separate photos if needed.

Molly with red ball_edited.jpg

Molly - Pencil Portrait

Wow Mary! You captured Molly so beautifully!"

For the dog who loves her ball, this portrait is infused with colourful energy.

Pencil on A3 cartridge paper 

Black and white dog portrait.jpg

Freddie - a handsome pup

A surprise birthday present for her husband, Freddie's portrait was a big hit.

"You captured him perfectly!"

Pencil on A3 cartridge paper

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