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Portrait Art: Preserving Memories for a Lifetime

Welcome to the Portrait Gallery where each piece captures the essence of a cherished individual, celebrated through the art of Portraiture creating enduring mementos to treasure.


Couple's Portrait

A portrait of you and your partner that transcends time.

Each portrait gets my individual attention and the two subjects are arranged harmoniously in one picture.

Separate photos of each person can be used if necessary for this couple drawing.

Pencil on A2 cartridge paper €549

Pencil Portrait Of Peggy

Individual portrait

A simple photo can be transformed into a work of art to be treasured.

A pencil portrait of a loved one who has passed away is a beautiful way to remember them.

Pencil on A3 cartridge paper €275

If you'd like to read the blog 'The hassle-free way to commission a portrait' click below.

Family portrait of three sisters on wedding day

A Family Group Portrait

This portrait brings together three sisters into a beautiful wedding day portrait.

A Family Portrait can bring those we cherish together, and transforms old photos into a family heirloom to treasure.

See the Portrait Price List here

A Child's portrait

Capture a moment in time in your child's life with a portrait from your favourite photo

If you'd like to know how to book a portrait, have a look at this blog, The hassle-free way to commission a portrait.


"It's exactly her shy smile!"

When you have the perfect photo that captures the moment, turn it in to a hand-drawn portrait and it becomes something that will last.

A portrait like this becomes a family heirloom. Find out why in this blog 'What is the value of a portrait?'

A photo captures the moment.

A portrait celebrates it.

A Watercolour portrait

A watercolour portrait can be a way to celebrate someone's achievements and elevate them in the eyes of others. This portrait does just that.

As part of the Portraits of Integration exhibition, Joanna was acknowledged for her contribution to her community since coming to live in Ireland. 

You can read about the process of her painting commission here.

Watercolour portrait of young woman from Poland.jpg
watercolour portrait Vera Mary Duffy Portraits.jpg

A watercolour portrait can turn a photo into a family heirloom to be treasured.

When you commission a portrait of someone who has passed, it creates an eternal connection.

A watercolour portrait allows you to feel like you're looking at the one you miss, that they are still with you.

A pet portrait with a difference...

"Wow Mary! You captured Molly so beautifully!"

For the dog who loves her ball, this pencil portrait is infused with a splash of colour.

Molly with red ball_edited.jpg
holding hands madeline_edited.jpg

Mother and daughter memorial Hand Portrait

A heartfelt hand-drawn portrayal of holding hands in the final moments conveys the deep emotional connection and compassion during this profound time of saying goodbye.

Hand portraits - from €250

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